Connect the Dots

Please join a live-streamed event this Thursday (April 30) from 2-5 pm ET, with guest environmentalists, climate scientists, activists, engineers, and a peer-reviewed rap star to learn about the environmental and health impacts of ramping of fossil fuel generation with the closure of Indian Point nuclear power plant. Fractivists and nuclear advocates are joining together in multiple socially-distanced, rain-drenched protests because they see how ramping down nuclear means ramping up fossil fuel generation.

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First Hour


Person / Location

Core Message



Intro. All of the organizers.

Who we are and why we care so much

Introduce the people who are putting this on, and set the stage for the day. Learn what is at stake. Sing “Change of Climate” 


Iida Ruishalme (Cell Biologist, Science Communicator)

Risk perception, and radiation in perspective

We didn’t make decisions based on the facts…


Robert Stone 

How fear is the planet killer (?) The reaction to your film, contrast it with Planet of the Humans?

(Oscar Nominated-Filmmaker for his anti-nuclear film, then made pro-nuclear Pandora’s Promise) 


Jim Hopf 

How regulation prevents us from re-opening a closed nuclear plant. Carbon fee and dividend. Spent fuel storage. 

(Climate Advocate, Citizens Climate Lobby, Retired Nuclear Engineer Energy Solutions)

Second Hour


Person / Location

Core Message



Meredith Angwin

Every Nuclear Plant is a Jewel

(Chemist, one of the first female project managers at EPRI, Yes VY Yankee)


Mayor Knickerbocker (from Indian Point’s host village hall) and David Morse 

Giving historical perspective and thanking workers

Mayor of Buchanan and Indian Point Employee


Bill Kish (video from Cricket Valley)

Impacts of fracked gas.


Dr. Kerry Emanuel

Decarbonizing the global economy & non-climate savings from elimination of fossil fuels

(MIT Climate Scientist)


Pramila Malick 

Victims of policy and the impacts of fracked gas.

(Protect Orange County) / On-site at CPV

Third Hour


Person / Location

Core Message



Dr. Pushker Kharecha 

Nuclear Energy, Climate Change, and Human Health

Climate Scientist, Columbia University


Amardeo Sarma 

Climate Change and Prosperity

Electrical Engineer, GWUP – German Skeptics. Staged a homeopathic “overdose” protest


Baba Brinkman 

Bright Future Song Premiere

Peer Reviewed Rap Artist, Rap Guide to Climate Chaos


NuclearNY (from Ravenswood Fossil Fuel Plant)

(Then everyone)

Impacts of fracked gas on local communities.