Why Nuclear?

Nuclear power is the most scalable, reliable, efficient, land-conserving, material-conserving, zero-emission source of energy ever created. It has the best aspects of fossil fuels & renewables. It can be built in virtually any climate in the world with minimal ecological and human health impacts. Beyond the electricity sector, advanced nuclear technology can provide high-temperature heat for industrial processes, low-carbon liquid fuels to decarbonize transportation, district heating, negative emissions technologies, and district heating. High-quality, family-sustaining jobs are built around nuclear power plants. These multi-generational jobs and tax revenues enable vibrant, healthy, and prosperous communities.

Latest News and Events

Climate Week NYC Seminar: Role of Nuclear in a Carbon-Free Future

19 September 2022 featuring Isuru Seneviratne & Eric Dawson

PRESS CONFERENCE: Coalition of Climate Hawks and Union Leaders Call for Nuclear Power in New York

14 April 2022

Albany press conference featuring with renowned climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and Climate Energy Jobs Coalition-New York.
Read more in the Times Union and the Adirondack Explorer.

Guest Speaker Matt Huber: The Socialist Case for Nuclear Power

20 December 2022. Virtual presentation and Q&A.

Matt Huber is Professor in the Department of Geography and the Environment at Syracuse University and the author of Lifeblood: Oil, Freedom and the Forces of Capital (2013) and Climate Change as Class War: Building Socialism on a Warming Climate (2022). Matt asserts that nuclear power aligns quite well with the fundamental goals and aspiration of socialism. Embracing the view that production should optimize social benefit and “use value” over market logic and “exchange value,” he discusses how nuclear power is conducive to meeting human needs while protecting nature. He also discusses the social value of long-term union jobs over transient work from the installation of worker-less intermittent energy facilities.


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