Why Nuclear?

Nuclear power is the most scalable, reliable, efficient, land-conserving, material-sparing, zero-emission source of energy ever created. It has the best aspects of fossil fuels & renewables. It can be built in virtually any climate in the world with minimal ecological and human health impacts. Beyond the electricity sector, advanced nuclear technology can provide high-temperature heat for industrial processes, low-carbon liquid fuels to decarbonize transportation, district heating, and power negative emissions technologies. Nuclear plants also generate life-saving isotopes for modern medicine. High-quality, family-sustaining jobs are built around nuclear power plants. These multi-generational jobs and tax revenues underpin vibrant, healthy, and prosperous communities.

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Latest News and Previous Events

Presentation on Industrial Decarbonization at Multiple Intervenors’ Annual Meeting

18 October 2023, Albany Capital Center

Nuclear Power Symposium at UNGA Science Summit during Climate Week NYC

21 September 2023. Baruch Performing Arts Center

Nuclear Now Premiere in NYC

28 and 29 April 2023.

Meet Madison Hilly, Founder of the Campaign for a Green Nuclear Deal

Tuesday May 16, 2023

How did Madison get her Guest Essay published in the anti-nuclear New York Times?
Why is a mother-to-be happy to bequeath nuclear waste to her children’s generation?
What is the broader energy and climate backdrop that is driving people to take another look at nuclear power?

We discuss the turning tides in the perception of nuclear power and waste.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Coalition of Climate Hawks and Union Leaders Call for Nuclear Power in New York

14 April 2022

Albany press conference featuring with renowned climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and Clean Energy Jobs Coalition-New York.
Read more in the Times Union and the Adirondack Explorer.


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