Our Team

Dietmar Detering

After growing up on a dairy farm in Germany, Dietmar Detering earned his Ph.D. in political science in 1999 at Münster University. He then moved to New York City and built an online event publishing business (EventMe! Inc.), which he sold in 2021. He has served in volunteer leadership roles with several community organizations while raising two daughters with his wife. Passionate about environmental protection since he was a teenager, Dietmar started focusing on nuclear power advocacy in 2018. Besides his activities in New York, he is also a member of Germany’s Nuklearia group.

Isuru Seneviratne

Isuru is a rigorous energy and climate professional with two decades’ experience in investment diligence, policy advocacy, and sustainable business development. Isuru founded Radiant Value Management in 2015 to pursue undervalued opportunities spanning energy resources and technology. In 2013 he co-founded ART Logistics, an innovative transportation provider to blue-chip clients in Sri Lanka. 

Isuru advocates for durable and effective climate policies as well as reliable and affordable energy choices. He is pursuing a Master’s in Sustainability at Harvard Extension School and has the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting accreditation from Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (IFRS Foundation).

Eric Dawson

Eric has been a web designer for professionals & small businesses for over 10 years. His interest in using innovative technology to address environmental issues has led him to invest in venture capital funds focused on resource efficiency. In addition, he has become involved in local, grassroots groups in New York City focused on finding bipartisan solutions to various social problems.

Leonard Rodberg

Leonard Rodberg, PhD, a theoretical physicist by training, is Professor Emeritus of Urban Studies at Queens College, City University of New York, where he taught for 35 years, including 22 years as Departmental Chair, until retiring in 2016.  He has a background in nuclear physics, public policy, and health care policy. At Queens College, he taught courses on computer-based analysis of urban problems, health policy, and climate change. Early in his career he was chief of the Science Policy Office in the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency within the US State Department.

Keith Schue

Keith spent five years with The Nature Conservancy in Florida, working on the impact of human development and infrastructure on ecosystems, habitat fragmentation, and large-landscape conservation. Applying his knowledge and experience as an electrical engineer, he currently reviews & comments on energy policy.

Patrick Chase

Patrick is a native of Rochester in the Finger Lakes Region, although he did spend two great years in Brooklyn. He has been involved in politics and government at the local, state, and federal level at various times over the last 20 years while also building experience in the non-profit sector. His specific focus areas include space exploration and development, climate change, and nuclear power. 

He is a firm believer that our best days can lie ahead despite our challenges, but it requires far more dedication and focus than humanity has currently invested. At the core of human civilization is how we produce and consume energy, and nuclear power is necessary for a productive and prosperous future.

Paul Van Linden Tol

Paul is a retired  library manager from the Brooklyn Public Library and have been, as such, involved in several community oriented projects.  He was a fieldworker for an urban anthropology project and lobbied together with several environmental groups to pass New York’s  Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA). This is a far-reaching act with ambitious climate goals. However, observing the vehemency of the anti-nuclear sentiments among my fellow lobbyist, Paul came to realize that a lot of work, convincing and teaching needs to be done to turn the anti-nuclear misconceptions around. Nuclear energy is crucial in combating global warming and ocean acidification.

Isaac Mattoo

Isaac is an engineer working on computer hardware and software with over 20 years of experience. In his professional career Isaac has worked with NASA on the cutting-edge of weather and climate, gelling ground-based and space-based resources for the Space Test Program 2 (STP-2) mission. He has founded an aerospace LLC in March of 2020 focused on sending people and cargo into space cheaper and safer than the use of chemical rockets.

His passions for technology, climate justice, and health led him from a naively technocratic approach in his youth, into an obligatory anti-nuclear stance within the environmental movement under threat of being ostracized, then to his current balanced and well-informed position of pro-nuclear and pro-renewable electricity. In humanity’s advance to a reliable carbon-free future he is informed by the latest analyses and data that for “affordable, clean, and reliable” energy our grid must be undergirded by nuclear’s “clean firm power”.