Nuclear New York is a project of Community Studies of New York, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are an independent and non-partisan organization devoted to supporting nuclear energy in New York and beyond. Nuclear energy is indispensable for providing prosperity and nature for all. This energy source provides reliable carbon-free energy with minimal land, ecological, and human health impacts. Nuclear generates well-paid meaningful work that underwrites vibrant, healthy and prosperous communities. We conduct rigorous research, unbiased education, policy advocacy, and non-intrusive activism.

Our advocacy:

  • reward nuclear plants for their low-carbon, low-air-pollution, reliable electricity generation, and prevent them from premature shutdown until replaced by alternate resources with superior characteristics,
  • support the development of next generation nuclear plants in New York, an essential facet as we electrify the rest of the economy, and
  • act as a beacon to the rest of the world leveraging New York’s cultural appeal. 

More and more scientifically-informed environmental groups are recognizing that nuclear power is necessary to fight climate change. Even previously skeptical groups like The Union of Concerned Scientists, The Nature Conservancy, World Resources Institute, National Geographic and others have revised their position on nuclear power in the last few years upon examining the evidence. Nuclear power can scale to the climate challenge, and advanced industrial democracies like the U.K, France and the Netherlands are following China and India at building new power plants. With its spirit of innovation, New York belongs at the forefront on deploying advanced nuclear technology, not be laggards.

We are an extremely diverse group of individuals with different political affiliations, economic theories, cultural backgrounds, and walks of life. We are united in advocating for evidence-based policy design, and collaborate with eminent climate scientists, science communicators, environmental activists, and community organizers. We invite respectful dialogue with groups skeptical of the role of nuclear power.

At the Climate Action Council hearings in Brooklyn, NY offering a future of aggressive climate action, well-paid meaningful work for New Yorkers, nature conservation plus rich & vibrant communities.

May 2022

Albany, NY Press Conference featuring Dr James Hansen, IBEW Local 97, Clean Energy Jobs Coalition, and New York Energy and Climate Advocates

April 2022

Connect the Dots: Protesting Indian Point Closure at the Ravenswood Generating Station in Long Island City, NY

April 30, 2020