• Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village in New York, NY
  • Lents Cove Park in Buchanan, NY
  • On Earth Day 2021, Nuclear New York illuminated New York’s decision to shut down our largest source of clean energy with a peaceful, non-intrusive projection light show
  • Protest the regressive special interest group Riverkeeper for delivering the NYC electricity market to fossil interests by closing the zero-carbon, zero air pollution, safe nuclear plant, Indian Point
  • Face masks and social distancing required for this family-friendly event.

Nuclear, Hydro, Solar, Wind working to clean the air.    

  • Astoria and Long Island City have the highest air pollution in all of New York City, known as “asthma alley.” Environmental Justice areas here are responsible for 53% of NYC electricity generation. These plants may increase output by 2x due to the closure of Indian Point.
  • Route map

Climate Week NYC is an annual summit that takes place alongside the UN General Assembly, bringing together international leaders from business, government and civil society to showcase global climate action.

Energy policy decisions need to be made based on evidence, not Hollywood tropes. Unfortunately the largest source of clean energy is under threat due to economics of the U.S. shale revolution and fear spread by antinuclear groups. We will draw upon independent research to present a holistic impact assessment that evaluates the human safety, climate, and ecological impacts of electricity generation.

The most “unjust transition” is the one that DOESN’T HAPPEN. – Environmentalist & Engineer Keith Schue

  • Apr 30, 2020 – 2:00pm-5:00pm – Connect the Dots – Vigil for the Closure of Indian Point Unit 2 at the corner of Vernon Blvd & 38th Ave in Long Island City
  • This is the last day of operation for Indian Point Unit 2. We will meet on the East side of Vernon Blvd, at 38th Ave, in Long Island City, Queens for a socially-distanced vigil to mourn the loss of 1,000 MW of reliable clean power. Face masks & maintaining physical distance is required. We have chosen this site because Ravenswood generating station is one of many polluting power plants that stand to increase their emissions after Indian Point’s closure. The people in the neighborhood will see a higher chance of dying prematurely as a result.

Ravenswood protest event on April 31, 2020 for Connect the Dots