• Environmental Justice, Clean Energy, and the Truth about Indian Point “While Riverkeeper, the Westchester-based environmental group that has spearheaded the decades-long push to close Indian Point, may have moved on, the rest of us will be dealing with its fallout, namely its environmental damage – particularly to low-income communities – and the setback to the ambitious climate goals of the state’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.” (Gotham Gazette – Duncan Bryer, March 2020)
  • Vineyard Wind’s Timeline Slips as Trump Administration Further Delays Permits NY points to wind projects offshore Long Island as the sole large-scale clean replacement for Indian Point. However, these are in federal waters and the Trump administration’s recent reviews will delay the deployment by at least one year, according to the CEO of Vineyard Wind (Greentech Media – Karl-Erik Stromsta, February 2020)
  • Cricket Valley and the Fight for New York’s Energy Future “Cuomo’s professed environmentalism is being put to the test. The impending closure of Indian Point… means that New York needs new sources of energy….the shortage has so far been addressed by building new natural-gas-burning power plants.” (The River Newsroom – December 2019)
  • Keeping the Lights On, and Saving Billions, While Addressing Climate Change (Gotham Gazette – Leonard Rodberg & Herschel Specter. Oct 24, 2019)